Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Remember Ted Kennedy wrote the damn thing

From The New York Times:

The leaders of the Senate and House education committees are signaling that time has run out for reauthorizing the No Child Left Behind Act this year, leaving prospects for rewriting it uncertain during the presidential campaign in 2008.

Unfortunately this doesn't mean that this bit of socialism will just go away. However it does give those of us who are not socialists the chance to reflect on what we don't want in a president.

The absolute last thing we need is a Republican president who wants to be thought well of by the left. The "compassionate conservatism" practiced by George W Bush and Mike Huckabee is nothing more than soft leftism and there should be no place for it in the Republican Party.

We need a president who realizes that the greatest service the federal government can do for the nation's educational system is the elimination of the Department of Education. Not one who will pile boondoggle on top of boondoggle in order to get a favorable mention by the New York Times.