Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Want to see how the Left governs?

I saw this over on Born Again Redneck yesterday and even though I've posted it here before it cannot hurt to show it again.

New Orleans is a city firmly under the control of the left-wing Democrat Party and this is how the Left behaves when they think they can get away with it.

A federal court has ordered the city to return all the guns which were illegally confiscated, but the city has resisted doing this for over a year. The reason is simple. The guns are gone. Those which the police did not consider to be of any value were destroyed on the spot and those that were valuable were stolen by individual police officers.

I have heard that the word went out over the cop grapevine that the pickings in New Orleans were easy and that a large percentage of the cops who went to the city to "help" did so only to line their pockets.

What happened in New Orleans was vile and evil and I honestly wish that the citizens had risen up and exterminated these corrupt excuses for police who disgraced their uniforms by behaving like common armed robbers.