Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another conservative steps to to oppose McCain

LockAndLoad has joined the Dump McCain Now blogroll. Here is part of the email that they sent me:

My major beef (among many) is histreachery while co-chair with dill hole Kerry on the POW/MIA selectcommittee when he belittled and humiliated POW family members and sold our guys out to the Commies. BTW, he and dill hole both have familytrade connections with Viet Nam. Mc Cain dumped his ill wife to marry aCoors family member and of course Kerry's middle name is Forbes. Youcan expect his baggage to surface if he gets the nomination. Can't putmy finger on it right now, but am certain he was one of about a dozenHanoi Hilton POW's recommended for courts marshal for collaboration. Charges were dropped against all for political expediency. He's knownas the Manchurian Candidate among certain POW/MIA advocates.

I've heard things like this myself. Rush Limbaugh has hinted at some major dirt on McCain that will be released by the MSM in the event he gains the nomination. Anyone with any information on this let me know.