Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dump McCain Now!

I am starting a new blogroll for fellow bloggers who realize the danger to the Republican Party and the nation posed by John McCain.

If you want to join grab the button above, put it on your blog and hotlink it back to this post. Then email me and I'll add you to the blogroll and send you the code so that you can display the blogroll on your blog.

The best time to get rid of McCain is right now while the primaries are still ongoing and we can dump him in favor of a Republican like Mitt Romney.

While I am committed to keeping McCain out of the White House even at the expense of electing Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in his place I realize that many Republicans have not yet reached that point. Therefore I will delete the Dump McCain blogroll after the Republican convention if McCain does gain the nomination.

This way Republicans (or Democrats or independents) who wish to go on record as opposing McCain but not to the point of aiding Hillary need not fear to join.

If McCain does not get the nomination I will keep the blogroll in place for those of us who want McCain booted out of the Senate.

If McCain manages to get the nomination I will start a new "Anybody but McCain" for those who understand how critically important it is that he never be allowed any closer to the White House than the guided tour.


1. I'm going to keep this one on top for a bit so scroll down for new material.
2. The credit for the button design belongs to the Dowager Viscountess who designed all the Hillbilly Ecosystem graphics as well.