Saturday, August 09, 2008

I'm suspicious

So The Breck Girl has come out and admitted that he cheated on his dying wife by having an affair with a woman who he met in a bar. A woman who he hired at high pay to produce "documentaries" for his campaign website, even though she had no experience doing such things.

I smell a rat.

And I blame Ann Coulter.

I mean you have a man who obviously takes more care with his appearance than the average fashion model and who acts even more prissy than a certain blogger from Florida. His friggin' nickname is The Breck Girl.

Then Miss Ann comes along and implies that he is a "faggot".

So of course he goes out and picks up some bimbo in a bar and has an affair with her and makes her his mistress and hires her to work for the campaign so that she can travel with him - just like the Democrat party's icon of alpha male heterosexuality Bill Clinton would have done.

He even gets a male staffer to claim that he was the one having the affair with said bimbo - just like the Democrat party's icon of The Big Lie Bill Clinton would have done.

The Breck Girl even knocks up his mistress, which is more than even Bill Clinton ever did. As an aside that may have been more than Bill Clinton was capable of doing. There is a persistent rumor that Bill isn't even Chelsea's father. But back to the Breck Girl.

As I said I'm suspicious.

It is very hard to look at the Breck Girl and listen to the Breck Girl and believe that he would have the slightest interest in fathering a child, at least in a way that didn't involve the intervention of a doctor with a turkey baster.

Maybe Edwards staffer really was the one who knocked up the bimbo so that his boss could stay in that nice comfy closet.

Do I have any evidence. Not really, but just look at the Breck Girl and tell me you aren't suspicious too.

I used to have a photograph of Edwards holding a shovel in some kind of Katrina relief photo op but I must have deleted it. Even though he was supposed to be out there in the 95 degree heat working hard to help clear the debris as the first step to rebuilding New Orleans he didn't have a drip of sweat on his brow and every hair was in place.

But I can't find that picture so I had to substitute this picture of Mr. Edwards eating some local ethnic food during a campaign event from back when he was running for vice president.