Friday, October 10, 2008

The little messiah is on the run

From The Politico:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin attacked Barack Obama Thursday for not being honest about his association with 1960s radical William Ayers.

“Barack Obama hasn’t told the American people the total truth about that, about his association with Ayers,” Palin said on conservative radio host Laura Ingraham’s show. “Doggonit, he fails to tell the American people with candor and with truthfulness what his associations are and we have to know.”

Palin blamed the media for not providing what she characterized as the same level of scrutiny to Obama that it has applied to her and running mate John McCain.

“I don't see the other ticket being asked to be truthful and give details,” Palin said.

“Some in the mainstream media are saying that, well, we’re taking the gloves off unfairly. No. You know there are only, what, 26 days to go. We gotta start getting answers to these questions that are paramount here so that voters have a choice in front of them that is based on truthfulness and candor. They deserve it.”

The Alaska governor told Ingraham’s listeners that if those questions were being answered, voters would find Obama “out of the mainstream,” adding that the Illinois senator would diminish “the prestige of the United States presidency.”

No shot that has been fired against the Obama campaign has struck with as much damage as the Ayers connection. Even the screaming racist hate-monger Jeremiah Wright was not as bad for Obama as Ayers.

Why is that?

I believe the answer is that the nation has become somewhat numb to the spectacle of hateful black preachers spewing their bile. After all Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan have all been up in the nation's face for decades.

Bill Ayers is a horse of a different color (literally and figuratively). One of the deepest and most pervasive forms of racism which survives among the white population of the United States is what has been termed the "soft bigotry of low expectations". Far too many whites look at blacks like Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton and give them a pass because they just don't expect any more from them. After all they reason, though never out loud and never in so many words, blacks just don't have the intellectual ability or the emotional control to do any better so they just smile and nod and throw some cash at them to get them to shut up for a while.

Ayers, on the other hand, is white. And Ayers isn't just spewing hateful rhetoric he actually planted bombs. And enough of the American public still remember 9/11 for that to matter.

Barack Hussein Obama and Osama bin Laden have two things in common. One is that they both have Muslim sounding names and the other is that they both have friends who bombed the Pentagon and targets in New York City.

The mainstream media (which has made the deliberate choice to aid the Obama campaign in every way it can) is fully aware of the fact that the more the American public's nose is rubbed in William Ayers the worse Barack Obama smells. This is why they have gone into full blown damage control mode on this issue. Listen to how the Associated Press is spining the story of Obama's friendship with Ayers:

WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) - Republican presidential candidate John McCain said Thursday that questions about Democratic rival Barack Obama's association with a former war protester linked to Vietnam-era bombings are part of a broader issue of honesty.

In his strongest personal criticism since his faltering campaign began casting Obama as an unknown and unacceptable candidate, McCain told supporters that Obama had not been truthful in describing his relationship with former radical William Ayers. The Arizona senator also said Obama himself has "a clear radical, far-left pro-abortion record."

McCain and the Republican National Committee also launched new Web and TV ads about Obama and Ayers.

Loud cheers from 4,000 people gathered at a sports complex near Milwaukee greeted McCain's attacks over Ayers, who helped found the Weather Underground, a Vietnam protest group that bombed government buildings 40 years ago. Obama has noted that he was a child at the time and first met Ayers and his wife, ex-radical Bernadine Dohrn, a quarter-century later.

Notice that Ayers is described as a "former war protester" and a "former radical" as though he no longer holds radical views or thinks that the Vietnam war was a bad idea.

Williams Ayers was a violent communist revolutionary and a terrorist bomber. People died as a result of the actions of the terrorist organization which Ayers led and helped found.

William Ayers has never recanted any belief he held during those days. He has never said that he regretted planting bombs. Rather he has said that he is proud of what he did and wishes that he had done more.

You are not a "former" radical if you still hold radical views and you are not a "former" terrorist if you are still proud of your terrorist deeds. The most that could be said of Ayers and his wife are that they are retired terrorists. But their retirement is a very active one because they are still working to achieve the same goals, that of transforming the Unites States into a communist state patterned after the Soviet Union, which they previously set bombs to achieve.

And it cannot escape notice that one of the principle ways in which Ayers is today attempting to achieve his goal of destroying the nation which he so hates is the promotion of radical left-wing politicians like Barack Obama.

Ayers could never hope to be elected to office himself with his background as a violent terrorist bomber so he promotes surrogates like Barack Obama to serve in his place. Men like Obama share Ayers radical Marxist views and hatred for America as it is currently constituted but they have never made the mistake of carrying their beliefs to the point of actual criminal violence.

This "clean record" allows men like Obama to be the face of the new radical left. However the illusion is destroyed if the close connections between the new generation like Obama and the old generation like Ayers are brought to light.

In Obama's case it also doesn't help that he has close ties to ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) which has been and is being repeatedly linked to various types of criminal behavior (go here, here and here for just the tip of the iceberg on ACORN's criminality - I guess we now know what "community organizers" really do).

As an aside I believe that there is enough information out there now to justify prosecuting ACORN under the RICO statutes. I hope that one of Fred Thompson's first acts as John McCain's Attorney General will be to instruct the FBI begin the investigation.

We are now around three weeks out from the election. Every day which passes between now and November 4 will be a day where even more people pay even closer attention to the race and the candidates. It is vital that we Republicans and keep pounding on Obama's racdical associations and that we keep reminding the public that the financial meltdown is a Democrat generated problem which has Barack Obama's fingerprints all over it.

The general public is deeply sceptical about Barack Obama. If they weren't he would already be 15 points ahead in the reliable polls. He is not. His real lead, the one you get when you discount the polls with cooked numbers, is below five percent. Obama's own internal polling shows that if he doesn't go into election day with a real lead of over five percent that he will lose.

It is within our power to deny Obama the White House but we must make the effort.