Saturday, October 11, 2008

More on the little messiah's troubling friends

Someone calling themselves Your TN neighbor left this comment to my post The little messiah is on the run:

I'm not noticing any updates to TROOPERGATE. For the record, she committed crimes while Governor of Alaska. What crimes are you talking about Obama committing?

Also, please comment on the terrorists at McCain's rallies chanting, "kill him and off with his head". These are the people with which you associate.

Here is my response:


I have doubts that you really are from Tenn. I travel through there two to three days a week and the people I meet are not brain-dead idiots. However I suppose that it is possible that you moved there from some Northern hell-hole state like New Jersey.

If that is the case I urge you consider the fact that the place you fled from was governed by the same kind of left-wing Democrats that you now want to put in charge of the entire nation.

Where will you run to when they do to the entire country what they have done to New Jersey or Michigan or wherever it is you ran away from?

As for Obama's actual crimes one is the corrupt land deal he entered with Anthony Rezko and another involves his close association with ACORN. As I pointed out there is enough evidence out there now to prosecute ACORN under the RICO statutes. Obama was and is involved with them, even attempting to secure them a 100 million dollar share of the bailout money (thankfully that part of the plan was stricken).

As for Governor Palin's supposed wrongdoing in "troopergate" let me ask you a question. Do you beleive that a state trooper who drives his patrol car drunk, uses police weapons like a taser on his 10-year-old stepson and issues public death threats against his ex-wife's family should still be in uniform? Do you support violent drunken child-abusers having badges?

If you believe that "troopergate" is about Mrs. Palin attempting to get that man fired from his state police job then you must believe that the governor, who is the chief law enforcement officer of the state and the ultimate commander of the State Police, has no responsibility to ensure that the bad apples are removed from the force.

Of course that is NOT why she fired Walter Monegan. Monegtan was dismissed because he was insubordinate. He worked behind the governor's back attempting to sabotage her administration. He was fired for good and proper cause.

The fact is that his firing came 19 months after the incidents with Governor Palin's former brother-in-law. If the drunken and abusive trooper was the reason for the firing why did she wait so long?

The investigation which just wrapped up had its conclusions written before it began. It is nothing more than Palin's enemies in the Democrat and Republican parties attempting a little payback for the way she moved in and cleaned up the state government.

You need to think hard on this before you vote. We see Palin's track record as an effective reformer validated in the way that the corrupt Alaska state establishment is grasping at these straws in their attempt to engineer some kind of "October Surprise" to damage her candidacy.

John McCain, while deeply flawed, is an honest man who also has a proven track record of reform. Both McCain and Palin have shown a willingness to take on their own party in the pursuit of justice.

Then look at Barack Obama. A deeply corrupt little man who received his political education and most of his political experience in the almost unbelievably corrupt sewer of Chicago Democrat-machine street politics. A place where Obama felt completely at home and functioned without one seeming moral qualm.

Look at Obama's association with ACORN, the criminal organization. Obama is now denying that he has ever had anything to do with ACORN but his name appears on legal documents as a lawyer for ACORN in a lawsuit aimed at forcing Chicago area banks relax lending standards when evaluating mortgage loan applications for poor and minority applicants.

Not only does this prove that Obama is a liar it shows that his fingerprints are all over the financial meltdown which is threatening to send the entire world into a recession.

Look at Obama's close association with Jeremiah Wright, the racist hate-monger. Obama attended Wright's church regularly over nearly 20 years. Now he claims that he had no idea that Wright ever said anything hateful from the pulpit. Do you find this credible? Either Obama is lying - again - or he is the most thick-headed and unobservant man on the planet.

Look at Obama's close association with William Ayers the violent communist revolutionary and terrorist bomber. It doesn't matter how old Obama was when Ayers planted bombs because Ayers is the same man today that he was then. He has recanted nothing and is today working for the same goals as he was then. And Barack Obama finds Ayers an acceptable friend and colleague.

Look at Obama's close association with Anthony Rezko the corrupt and criminal Chicago slumlord. Obama was supposed to be a reformer working on behalf of the poor and yet he befriended a man who was responsible for keeping many of Chicago's poor and minority citizens living in unsafe poorly maintained and filthy buildings. And Obama not only accepted Rezko's friendship he took large amounts of cash from him as well.

If Obama was/is really a "man of the people and friend to the poor" then why did he form such an intimate relationship with a man who preyed upon the poor? Why did he as a state senator funnel large amounts of taxpayer's money in the pockets of Rezko and other men just like him?

Barack Obama is not the man you think he is. I urge you and others who think like you to learn the truth before election day or else you will certainly learn it after election day.

As for the people at McCain rallies shouting "kill him" I have heard from people at those rallies who say that the only people acting that way are small handfuls of agents provocateurs sent there by the Obama campaign to create some kind of incident that the mainstream media (which is acting as Obama's propaganda organization in this election) can distort.

I'm not denying that there is real anger out there. Ever since the New York Times made the deliberate decision to lie about what was going on in the Soviet Union all the way back in the 1920's and 30's in order not to damage the cause of international communism the political left has been at war with the United States.

The left has done everything in its power to drive the United States into the ground like a tent peg and there is burning fury over it. Now the left has managed to get their man, the most radical leftist ever to run for the office of the president on a major party ticket, almost into the Oval Office. Real Americans see the left, which is responsible for the financial crisis, using that crisis, with the help of the mainstream media, to tar Republicans (who tried to stop the mess before it reached meltdown) and put one of the architects of the crisis in charge of the nation.

This is like the government giving the Gambino Family the contract to guard the US Mint.

Of course we are mad as hell!

Why aren't you?