Monday, October 06, 2008

Obama Youth drill - UPDATED

By now the comparisons between Obama's rise to power and Adolf Hitler's similar rise in Germany are too obvious to ignore. The latest example of "Obama Youth" is this:

This kind of thing is already beginning to scare those who go out of their way to pay attention. It is very soon going to begin to filter out to the general public and yet the Obama pod-people can't seem to help themselves.

This kind of thing may wind up saving the country.

The original video has been pulled from YouTube. However these things get copied and reposted so I our friend Hyunchback was able to find another copy.

As I said the Obama Kool-Aid drinkers can't help themselves. This kind of thing harms Obama by telegraphing exactly what his "movement" is all about, but they still do it.

If they will act this way when the election is still in doubt (Obama's small lead is eroding)how will they act when they control both the executive and legislative branches?