Monday, October 06, 2008

Taking the gloves off

Oct. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Republican Sarah Palin returned to the campaign trail with her ``gloves off,'' taking on the vice presidential candidate's traditional role of attack dog and lashing out at Barack Obama.

At weekend rallies and fundraisers she criticized Illinois Senator Obama personally, particularly his association with Bill Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground radical group, whom she described as a ``domestic terrorist.'' The Democratic presidential nominee ``is not a man who sees America as you see it,'' she said at a campaign rally in Carson, California.

Her supporters said they liked the new tone. ``It's about time the pit bull got loose,'' said Ken Gow, a 47-year-old police officer who was among the more than 10,000 people at the Oct. 4 rally.

It is good that the McCain/Palin campaign appears to genuinely want to win. That had been in doubt.

In order to understand everything you need to know about the relationship between Obama and Ayres you must consider these facts:

1. Obama's political career was launched in Ayers home. Ayers hosted a gathering of Chicago area Democrat players when Obama was making his first run for office. The purpose of the get together was to introduce Obama to the others and to demonstrate that he had Ayers stamp of approval.

2. Obama served on the board of a left-wing foundation with Ayers for years.

3. Obama accepted a job from Ayers to run a program which was intended to improve Chicago's education system. This, BTY, is Obama's only real executive experience and it ended in utter failure.

4. When first asked about his relationship with Ayers Obama defended him describing Ayers as an "English professor" as if that were the most important thing to know about him. Obama said that they were friendly and knew each other because they lived in the same area and their children attended the same schools. Ayers children are grown while Obama's are both under 10. What schools are they attending together?

Obama wants us to believe that his relationship with Ayers is no big deal becaue Ayers crimes took place when Obama was only a child and because Obama has denounced Ayers crimes.

But here is the important point. William Ayers, the terrorist bomber and communist revolutionary, does not regret his actions. He is proud of everything he did.

If anyone is having trouble understanding why this means that Obama is completely unfit to be the next president look at it this way. What if John McCain were revealed to be a friends and colleague with a man who burned black churches, bombed synagogues and beat the Freedom Riders as they rode their buses through the Jim Crow South?

What if this man said that he was proud of everything he had done to "keep the niggers and Jews down" and only wished that he could have done more? What if this man never even went to jail because of a legal technicality?

What if McCain denounced his friend's past actions but described him now as just a "retired auto mechanic"? What if McCain pointed out that he didn't even know the man back then and wasn't even in the country (being deployed over seas in the Navy) during the time the man committed his crimes?

Would the mainstream media and the Democrat party (sorry, redundant) give McCain a pass on this relationship?

The situations are EXACTLY the same.

William Ayers was a communist and a terrorist and he stands by his beliefs and actions. That makes him evil. A patriotic American looks at William Ayers and feels burning fury that he was never called to account for his crimes. A patriotic American looks at William Ayers sitting comfortably ensconced in a tenured professorship in Chicago and feels nothing but volcanic outrage.

Only a complete moral leper reaches out a hand of friendship to a thing like William Ayers.

The ONLY appropriate reaction to coming face to face with William Ayers is to spit in his face. ANYONE who does not understand that has no business being president of the United States. ANYONE who does not understand that has no business being in the United States Senate.

Shame on the University of Chicago for employing his evil man. Shame on Barack Obama for not feeling a decent sense of anger that Ayers is not spending the rest of his life behind bars and for being willing to befriend him. Shame on the Illinois Democrat party for allowing this evil man to wield influence within their party and same on the national Democrat party for not denouncing the Illinois Democrats for this.

The terrorist bomber and communist revolutionary William Ayers is not B. Hussein Obama's only questionable association. I hope Governor Palin spends some time talking about the others as well.