Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sarah Palin in 2012 - Updated

I'm starting a new blogroll today in order to promote Sarah Palin as the GOP presidential nominee in 2012. Sarah was almost strong enough as a VP candidate to drag John McCain across the finish line single handedly. She is a good communicator who has already captured the heart of the conservative base of the Republican party.

She is an authentic Reagan conservative who has a demonstrated ability to lead. As governor of Alaska she has all the executive experience she will need to prepare her for the office and she has the next four years to learn what she will need to know about foreign policy and military affairs.

She will also have four years to hone her response to a vicious press corps bent on her and her family's utter destruction.

The one good thing about the McCain candidacy was that it introduced Mrs. Palin to the nation and catapulted her to the forefront of the GOP.

Blogrolling is still fried so I can't use it to generate a blogroll but anyone wishing to join the Palin '12 blogroll can respond in the comments to this post or send me an email. I will hand code a blogroll on this blog and move it over to blogrolling the minute that it becomes available again.

After four years of Obama socialism America is going to be ready for a real change because lose change is all the little messiah is going to leave us to live upon. I invite you to get in on the ground floor of the Palin revolution.

UPDATE: I'm keeping this at the top for a while so scroll down for new content.

UPDATE: We have our first button for the blogroll. Many thanks to the Dowager Viscountess for all her hard work.

UPDATE: The hand-coded blog
roll is up on this blog. I will create a blogroll on blogrolling as soon as the service is back up and running. Until then any member who wishes to may take the picture and the links from here and make his own blogroll. Just remember to link it back to this post.

Also, if you join post about it on your blog. We need as many people to sign up as possible. Both the left and the Defeat Wing of the Republican party are trying to create a narrative of 2008 which pins responsibility for the defeat on Governor Palin.

We cannot allow that to happen!

UPDATE: We have some more graphics for the blogroll.