Thursday, January 22, 2009

Princess Caroline's brush with reality

From the New York Post:

Caroline Kennedy last night withdrew from consideration to replace Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, just two months after rocking the New York political landscape by throwing her hat in the ring.

She confirmed the news publicly in a statement released shortly after midnight today - hours after The Post exclusively revealed her decision last night.

"I informed Gov. Paterson today that, for personal reasons, I am withdrawing my name from consideration for the United States Senate," the 51-year-old Camelot daughter said.

But then there were some reports that she was back in. Then more reports that she was back out. . .

George Stephanopoulos summarizes:

Here's what we know: Caroline Kennedy's advisers and friends believed she would be appointed to Hillary Clinton's Senate seat later this week, and were working with New York Gov. Paterson's intermediaries on the roll out.

They fully expected it to come.

But then sometime early yesterday evening, around the time Clinton resigned her Senate seat, Kennedy called New York Gov. Paterson and said she was withdrawing for personal reasons.

Now, that set off another flurry of activity where it appears that some on Paterson's team tried to convince her not to withdraw.

The Associated Press then reported Kennedy was not withdrawing. But then there was another conference call just around midnight, and Kennedy finally, finally withdrew.

Her team put out a statement saying ... it was over, she is out, it is done.

All we know from her camp is that the reasons for her dropping out are "personal."

This is going to be spun as Caroline's reaction to Ted Kennedy's collapse at the inaugural luncheon on Tuesday. It will be said that she now truly realizes that her beloved uncle has only a short time left and that she wishes to spend as much time with him as possible.

The real reason is her less than warm reception by the people of New York. Remember it was not just conservative Republicans, of whom there aren't all that many left in the Empire State, it was her fellow left-wing loons who questioned her qualifications and ability.

Kennedys in general and Princesses of Camelot specifically are not accustomed to being held to any standard whatsoever and the experience was very uncomfortable for her. The prospect of spending the next four years in the public eye as anything other than a figure of veneration was simply too much to ask of her.

In the end she was wise enough to heed the old bit of advice that it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt.

This is not good news for Republicans. Of course the Princess would have been a reliable rubber-stamp vote for every bit of dangerous left-wing foolishness which will spew forth from the Democrat controlled Senate but then anyone that NY's Governor (who has been given the nickname "The Blind Sheik") appoints to fill Mrs. Clinton's seat will be a left-wing rubber-stamp.

At least Princess Caroline lacked the ability, which many other Democrats have, of being able to hide her stupidity - at least from a casual examination. And the more Democrats who can't even make it through a softball interview with a left-wing mainstream media "journalist" without looking retarded the better.