Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A softball pitched in from left field

A left wing reader left this comment on one of my posts about Sarah Palin:

She's done. If you can't finish up your term as Governor, what should we expect as President? Don't get me wrong, I hope she does run.
I was hoping someone would try making that argument so that I could make a few points about the left's little tin god.

B. Hussein Obama -
- Ran for a seat in the Illinois legislature and abandoned it before his first term ended in order to run for the United States Senate.
- Abandoned his seat in the US Senate before serving even two years of his six-year term in order to run for the presidency. In point of fact during Obama's career in the Senate he only bothered to show up and do the job he was elected to do fewer than 200 days total.

So if Mrs. Palin is unfit to be president because she failed to complete her term as governor of Alaska then Mr. Obama is twice as unfit to be president.

I would also point out that Mrs. Clinton promised the people of New York that she would be a full time Senator and would not abandon her job in order to campaign for the presidency and that Mr. Clinton made the same promise to the people of Arkansas when he ran for governor.

I would also like to point out to anyone who thinks that I'm making the argument that Palin is just as fickle and unfit as Obama (actually it would be half as fickle and unfit since she has only done once what he did twice) that there is a critical difference between her actions and his.

When Sarah Palin was elected governor of Alaska she entered a political climate which had been dominated by entrenched political interests for decades. Human nature being what it is those entrenched interests had become corrupt (think of the pre-Gringrich House of Representatives which had been controlled by the Democrat party for 40 years).

Palin made it her mission to challenge that corruption and bring about long needed reforms. She renegotiated the terms of the arrangement between the state and the oil companies which gave the people of Alaska a more equitable share of the oil revenues those companies were deriving from Alaska's natural resources. And she did this in a way which put the money into the pockets of the people of Alaska rather than into the government's pocket where it could be squandered on vote-buying pork projects.

Palin also managed to complete the negotiations for the natural gas pipeline which had been in limbo for years. In doing this she was able to bring Native Alaskan tribes, the state government of Alaska, the government of Canada and multinational corporations to the table and get them all to work and play nicely together in order to bring energy resources to the lower 48.

These two things, taking on the political cesspool of Juneau and completing the pipeline deal were Mrs. Palin's primary reasons for seeking the governorship in the first place. She got them both done with nearly a year and a half to spare.

What great projects was Mr. B. Hussein Obama pursuing when he ran for the Illinois State Senate? Other than building a platform from which to reach for higher office of course? About all he got done of any note was killing a law which would have required that children born alive after a failed attempt to abort them would be given medical care like the human beings they are (That's really something to be proud of).

What did Mr. Obama accomplish during the 180 or so days that he managed to show up in the US Senate? Well he did manage to rack up a record as the most liberal Senator. That is something of note since he managed to beat out left-wing loons like Ted Kennedy who had been there for decades.
Oh, and here's something else while I'm thinking about it. As I mentioned Governor Palin attacked the corruption she found in Alaska's state government. When Obama became active in the politics of the city of Chicago, county of Cook, state of Illinois he encountered a political machine which has held power for more than a century and has reached levels of corruption not seen since the intrigues in the court of Byzantium.

Did Mr. Obama respond to this corruption in Illinois the same way that Mrs. Palin did to the corruption in Alaska?

Hardly. Where Sarah Palin rolled up her sleeves and started fighting Mr. Obama found that he had landed in the company of like-minded men. In the almost unbelievably foul sewer of the Illinois Democrat machine Obama found a place where he was comfortable. Where he fit in and could be himself.

Let us pause here for a bit and give our noses a break by stepping away from the stench rising off of Mr. Obama and his Chicago friends and associates and look at a few more facts about Sarah Palin and her decision to resign her office.

Sarah Palin fought corruption and that earns one enemies, even in one's own party.

She is also the most beloved living conservative political figure in the nation. She has "it" the same "it" that Ronald Reagan had and she has shown ambition to reach for higher office. She has a solid record of accomplishment as mayor and then governor. It was her presence on the GOP ticket which made the 2008 race relatively close rather than a Reagan/Mondale type blowout for Obama.

For all these reasons and more Sarah Palin is the most dangerous person in the world to the political left. They realize that unless they destroy her she could attain the Oval Office with the kind of popular mandate that would allow her to undo vast amounts what the left has managed to accomplish in their goal to ruin and destroy the nation.

This is why Mrs. Palin has been subjected to an endless stream of utterly baseless ethics complaints. Defending against these complaints has cost her family anywhere from half a million to a million dollars and investigating the complaints has cost the state of Alaska over 2 million dollars. If governor Palin stays in office she has nothing but more of these groundless accusations to look forward to, further draining her and her husband's assets and further burdening the treasury of Alaska.

Mrs. Palin has a book coming out which she is going to need to tour to promote. She is also going to be the single most in demand GOP speaker who will need to crisscross the nation campaigning for conservative Republican candidates. Can you imagine what a fertile ground for false accusations of misuse of state funds all that travel would give to her enemies in Alaska if she were still governor? Can you imagine what would be said about all the time she will be spending out of Alaska if she were still governor?

She would be accused of drawing the governor's pay while not doing the governor's job. It would be said that she was abandoning her post and that the honorable thing to have done was resign.

It is also possible that the attacks on Mrs. Palin will take the form of attacks upon the state of Alaska itself. After all if the economy of Alaska can be damaged badly enough it would be bound to hurt her popularity within the state and give her critics grounds to accuse her of incompetence in any national race.

In a recent piece on American Thinker J.R. Dunn had this to say:
Chicago would put Alaska through the grinder, a very easy thing to accomplish from Washington. In fact, it could be argued that this campaign has already begun, with the slow death-by-cuts action against the National Missile Defense center at Fort Greely. Even as the ballistic missile threat from North Korea and Iran grows more urgent, Obama is dismantling the sole serious defense against it. (Am I implying that O would jeopardize the country's safety to assure his political career? Well, what do you think?) In a real sense, Palin's resignation at this time can be viewed as yet another service to her state.
Yes, Barrack Hussein Obama is an utterly corrupt political thug who would not hesitate for an instant to place his nation in peril in order to take out a dangerous - to him - domestic political opponent.

And if he is willing to do that what else might he do harm the people of Alaska in order to make their governor look bad?

Mrs. Palin is doing the honorable thing (something utterly alien to B. Hussein Obama and his ilk) and letting the position of governor be taken up by someone who would be less of a lightening rod. She is freeing herself to serve not only the people of Alaska but the entire nation by helping the GOP regain control of the legislature in 2010 and in all likelihood broadening the base of support she will have for a run at the White House in 2012 or 2016.

In their decisions to leave office before the end of their terms the differences between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama are shown to be the differences between doing what is right and wrong, honorable and dishonorable.

P.S. To the person who said "If you can't finish up your term as Governor, what should we expect as President?" Can point us to somewhere that you asked the same rhetorical question about Obama - who couldn't finish either his term as state Senator or US Senator - when he announced his candidacy for president?

Your opinions are already worthless because you are a left-wing moron (sorry, redundant) but now we can add abject hypocrite to the reasons why you are an oxygen thief.