Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The ACORNs don't fall far from the tree

From Fox News (what other major news outlet is covering this?):

A fourth video by an independent filmmaker posing as a pimp along with a purported prostitute has surfaced depicting an ACORN staffer in California assisting the couple in their quest to obtain housing for their illegal sex business.

Much like in their previous undercover stings at the group's offices in Baltimore, Washington and Brooklyn, N.Y., filmmaker James O'Keefe, 25, and his 20-year-old partner Hannah Giles, who posed as a prostitute named "Eden," were given assistance on Aug. 17 from a staffer at ACORN's office in San Bernardino on how to avoid detection by law enforcement. The couple even tell ACORN staffer Tresa Kaelke — who admits on the videotape to previously having sex for money — that they plan on bringing in 12 girls from El Salvador to work in a home they hope to acquire via the community organization.

Do you suppose that our Justice Dept. might take a few minutes off from prosecuting CIA officers whose only crime is keeping the nation safe from another 9/11 style attack in order to open a RICO investigation into ACORN?

Of course to ask the question is to answer it. The Obama administration is not going to do anything that might result in the records of a corrupt criminal radical left-wing organization that has such close ties to Obama himself being brought to light.

This is why ACORN will not carry through on its threat to sue O'Keefe and Giles. There is no way that they are going to create a situation in which these two investigative journalists, who have proven that they know exactly what ACORN is, will have carte blanche to subpoena their records and depose their employees.

ACORN is going to bluff and bluster and spin and depend upon their allies in the mainstream media and the Democrat party to cover for them and try to ride this out.

They will fail.