Thursday, September 24, 2009

Choir practice for the Obama Youth

This is why so many people went ballistic when they heard about Obama's plan to address all the nation's children in a televised speech in the captive environment of the public schools.

The culture of the public school system is dominated by the National Education Association which is one of the primary pillars supporting the Democrat party and the political far left. Teachers belonging to the NEA have a history of doing things like requiring as a for-credit class assignment the children in their charge to write letters to congress advocating some left-wing position. They have also used paid teacher "work days" to travel to state capitals or even Washington to participate in demonstrations supporting left-wing causes.

At least one school that was planning to require students to watch Obama's speech was also going to show the children a video in which various celebrities urged the children to pledge to, among other bits of left-wing moonbattery, "serve President Obama".

Michelle Malkin tells us of a class where children were required to watch Obama's address to the joint session of congress and then given a quiz in which all of Obama's claims about his health care plan were treated as facts.

This tendency of Obama's supporters to recreate Germany's Hitler Youth or the USSR's Young Pioneers is both sickening and dangerous. Brainwashing children into giving unthinking support to a leader/party/philosophy which will leave the nation which they are to inherit weaker, poorer and less free constitutes child abuse as far as I'm concerned.