Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still clueless

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) - The daring return of deposed President Manuel Zelaya has thrust Honduras back onto the world stage and posed a sharp challenge to interim leaders determined to hold new elections without him after a June coup.

Thousands of Zelaya supporters defied a curfew and spent the night surrounding Brazil's embassy, where the leader remained holed up Tuesday, a day after slipping back into the country. In exile since June 28, Zelaya said he had traveled for 15 hours overland in a series of vehicles to pull off the stealth homecoming.

All you really need to know about the quality of the coverage you are reading is contained in the first two paragraphs.

One, Zelaya was not "deposed" in a "coup". He was lawfully removed by the legislature with the concurrence of the nation's highest court. The Honduran military acted to carry out the legal orders of the nations legitimate government.

The legislature, Court and Army acted to prevent Zelaya from establishing himself as Latin America's next Marxist president-for-life in the tradition of Castro and Chavez.

Two, Zelaya's "thousands" of supporters have to be placed in the context (something the AP never does) of Honduras population of nearly eight million, the vast majority of whom have always rejected the political left.

This consistent rejection of radical left-wing politics and politicians is why the American left holds a grudge against Honduras.

Creatures like Nancy Pelosi, B. Hussein Obama, Henry Waxman and Barny Frank assume that the natural yearning of the human heart is to be ruled over by Marxist thugs. Any nation or group who gives the lie to that fantasy is regarded by them as an enemy. This is why Obama just flipped off our allies in Eastern Europe. The Poles and others in that region just came off of more than 70 years of oppression by leftists and they want no more of it. This is also explains the paroxysms of foaming madness the left falls into whenever the topic of Sarah Palin comes up.

A woman whose entire life is a monument to liberty and individuality is bound to be anathema to people whose idea of Utopia is where everyone puts on their Outer-Party overalls and shuffles off to work under the watchful eye of Big Brother.

I'd like to offer a bit of advice to the legitimate government of Honduras. The minute you can get your hands on Zelaya put a bullet through his head. Then when that small portion of the population who actually wants to live in a totalitarian hell-hole takes to the streets to protest machine gun every last one of them.

If you do this you will be giving your society a badly needed enema and you will save yourself a world of trouble in coming years.

This Zelaya business has given you an opportunity to easily identify that segment of your population who are nothing more than a social malignancy. Avail yourselves of the chance to be rid of them once and for all.