Friday, October 29, 2010

Delaware is still in play

Some of you may be aware that an internet site called Gawker (I won't link to it, you can find it if you really want to) posted a story by a young man, now identified as Dustin Dominiak (you can read the details of his outing in this post on TSG), in which he relates what he claims to be the details of a "one night stand" with Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell.

I read the account penned by Mr. Dominiak and have to report to you that it reads very much like a Penthouse letter - with all the credibility that such letters typically have.

Given the fact that Mr. Dominiak has a couple of photographs of himself and Ms. O'Donnell sitting together wearing Halloween costumes in a bar it is apparent that he did encounter her at some sort of Halloween happening somewhere or other.

However the rest of Mr. Dominiak's story reads like something a half drunk frat boy might post on his Facebook page to get even with the girl who laughed at him when he asked her to accompany him to the men's room of a bar for oral sex.

The fact that Gawker admits to paying a few thousand dollars for this adolescent fantasy makes it all the more pathetic.

So pathetic that one must ask themselves why they would even bother. After all the polls are supposed to show liberal Democrat Coons with a nearly 18 point lead over O'Donnell so the race would seem to be over. Why then lay out money for a transparently false story that can have no other purpose than to embarrass Ms. O'Donnell?

One answer that springs to mind is that since Ms. O'Donnell is a conservative Christian she is the very embodiment of evil to the progressive left. In the left's fevered imagination any such person who dares to seek political power must not only be defeated but destroyed utterly.

They must be punished and an example must be made of them so that others like them will not be tempted to challenge the left's entitlement to power.

That could certainly explain the desire to go one step beyond in taking down Christine O'Donnell. However there is another and probably more likely explanation for the desire to slime Ms. O'Donnell.

She may not be as far behind in the polls as the mainstream media wants us to believe she is.

Check out this poll from the Monmouth University Polling Institute. By their own reckoning Christine O'Donnell has cut Coon's lead down to 10 points. AND she is leading Mr. Coons in the southern part of the state and has a 5 point lead over Coons among independent voters statewide!

The only thing keeping Coons in the lead is a large advantage in New Castle County. A lead which depends in large part upon minority and young voters who are the least likely to actually show up and vote on election day. Another factor to be considered is the 8% of the voters who are still undecided. Historically undecided voters break for the party out of power in the closing days of an election (explaining why Coons' lead is shrinking).

The people of Delaware are asking themselves if they can really afford to send a rubber stamp for Barack Obama's destructive policies, which threaten their jobs, their homes and their children's future, to Washington.

More and more are saying "NO". Will enough of Delaware's citizens decide to cast a rational vote against the Obama agenda?

I don't know. But what I do know is that this race is not over and Christine O'Donnell absolutely can win.