Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Lessons from last night

1. This is a center-right country and attempting to govern it from the hard left will earn rejection from the people.

2. People were not voting for Republicans (in most cases) they were voting against Democrats (and especially Obama). The Republicans who now control the House now have two years to demonstrate that they are not only different from Obama and his Democrat party but that they are better than Obama and his crowd.

3. Republicans will most definitely not show the public that they are better than the Democrats by compromising their stated core beliefs in the interest of "getting something done". In other words if anyone is going to "cross the isle" it had better be Obama and the Democrats.

4. Christine O'Donnell lost her Senate race in Delaware because the local media was able to make enough voters in that state ashamed to vote for a believing Christian and conservative. This brings up an important point. The national mainstream media has lost most of its credibility along with its audience/readership. However the local media still retains the power to create a narrative which can alter the outcome of an election in a state or congressional district.

5. Some parts of the United States of America simply aren't America any more. The people of Connecticut chose an obvious fool over an accomplished businesswoman because they were embarrassed that her business involved professional wrestling. The people of California re-elected Barbara Boxer and sent Jerry Brown back to the governor's mansion. This is in spite of the fact that left-wing policies are driving California's economy into the ground like a tent peg.

6. Voter fraud is alive and well. There is no other way to explain Harry Reid's reelection.

7. Public employee unions like SEIU now serve the Democrat party like the brown shirted SA once served the Nazi party in Germany. It was a tragic mistake to allow government employees to unionize and in 2013 when the new Republican president is sworn in with a GOP House and Senate backing her every effort should be made to repeal the legislation which allowed government employees to organize. The fact is that in the old days government employees were in a better position regarding pay, benefits and especially job security than they are today. Most of the civil service protections which they once enjoyed have been lost or seriously watered down by congress on the rational that their unions didn't object - at least too much. Government employee union leaders have exchanged the pay, benefits and security of their membership for political power for themselves.

8. As Winston Churchill said this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it may, perhaps, be the end of the beginning. America in still in deep trouble. Our president is still a committed enemy of this nation and he still has a majority in the Senate to back him. Repeal of anything will not be possible for the Republican House because it will not be possible to overturn a presidential veto. However the GOP must try. We must show the people of this nation that we "get it" and are attempting to not only slow the nation's decline but reverse it.