Saturday, October 08, 2011

Groveling before the MSM

I just read a piece on American Thinker by Robert Eugene Simmons Jr. entitled Palin's Withdrawal Means Obama Wins.  I would urge you to go and read the entire thing if you have wondered, like Rush Limbaugh, at the way that beltway Republicans cringe and cower before the mainstream media.

Mr. Simmons begins:

Unfortunately, it looks like the forces of smear, slander, and threat have finally claimed their intended victim.  With Palin's announcement that she won't run for president, the election is essentially over.

The calculus is fairly simple: the media and GOP establishment want Romney to be the nominee.  Once a progressive is at the head of the Republican ticket, low turnout for Republicans will hand a narrow victory to Obama.
This is very much the way it would have gone in the past when there was no alternative to the MSM.  However in 2011 the mainstream media is dying and Fox News, talk radio and the internet are where a majority of people now get their news.

Think about it.  George W Bush left office with an approval number in the low 30's but it took the MSM nearly six years to get it there.  He was reelected despite the foaming hatred of the left's propaganda organs (otherwise known as broadcast network news, CNN, MSNBC and most daily newspapers).  In the days before Rush Limbaugh created modern talk radio and Al Gore gifted the world with the internet it would have only taken the MSM two years to poison the public against a sitting president and his political party.

And the MSM is less influential now than it was in 2006.  At least if you take viewership and sales figures seriously.

Mr. Simmons reasons:

So here is how the election will go.  The media hasn't seriously opened up on Herman Cain, but most assuredly they will.  Cain has been in business for decades, and the liberal media will troll through every relationship, every business deal, every word he has ever spoken.  If that fails, the lies will start.  To see evidence of this, we need not look at far as Palin.  Rick Perry, another progressive, was attacked for something that someone painted on a rock on land his family leased out.  That narrative will be used to attack both Perry and Cain -- Perry for having "allowed" it and Cain for making a big deal over "nothing."  Both narratives will be forwarded, potentially in the same program.  Once the liberal media goes through Cain's past with a fine-toothed comb, they will doubtless find disgruntled business adversaries, accusations of infidelity, and more.

A couple of points need to be made here.  One, Perry's slide in the polls among GOP primary voters began before the foolishness about the rock.  In fact almost all of the governor's fall is attributable to his poor debate performance and his views on illegal immigration.  Conservatives, who make up the bulk of GOP primary voters, were disgusted with his use of left-wing talking points to defend his support for in-state tuition for illegals in Texas.

Of course the media is going to give Cain a colonoscopy, just like they will do to whoever wins the Republican nomination.  But our side now has just as loud a voice - if not a little louder - than they do.  Remember how the left-wing media destroyed the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and how Kerry was swept to an easy victory in 2004?  No, because that isn't what happened.  The Swift Boat Vets took away what was almost the only thing that made John Kerry attractive to mainstream voters - his war record.  And nothing that CBS/NBC/ABC/CNN/MSNBC/The Washington Post/New York Times/Newsweek/Time and all the others combined could do could stop the process because the people had just as many places to go to hear the truth as they could to hear the MSM's lies.

Simmons does make one good point:
Furthermore, Obama will eviscerate Romney in the debates.  When the subject of health care comes up, Obama will challenge Romney, who will have to reiterate the lame excuse for the statist intrusion he signed into law in Massachusetts.  Obama will also be able to point to Romney's support of Brady and other gun control bills, state-run health care, and any number of other progressive-statist stances Romney has taken, or vacillated in and out of, in the past.  Obama doubtless has an excellent research team, and they will be in full force to try to destroy Romney.  This will suppress the voter turnout.
But this doesn't mean that Obama will win next year.  This is just why, at the end of the day, Romney doesn't have any better chance of getting the GOP nomination than the "Rent Is Too Damn High" guy does. 

Then there is one more factor that has to be considered.  Ronald Reagan in 1980.  
This was before Rush Limbaugh or Fox News or the internet.  Yet Reagan, who was hated by the RINO establishment and the Left and its media outlets, crushed Jimmy Carter and then won reelection in an even bigger landslide four years later.

That was because Jimmy Carter was one of the worst presidents in the history of the Republic.  In fact we haven't had a president as bad, let alone worse, than Carter since - Barack Obama.

That is why the Republican nominee, whoever he or she is, will win next year.  The nation is going to be so sick of Obama (as they already are) that they will elect anyone who is not currently serving time for child molestation.  

Republicans need to remember this and refuse to be intimidated by the increasingly irrelevant dying dinosaur media.  We need to pick a candidate who has the ideas, the courage and the energy to turn this nation around and stop its decline and restore us to our proper place in the world.

Any of the announced GOP candidates would be vastly better than Obama, even Ron Paul or Mitt Romney.  However Republicans are in a position this year where we do not even have to consider settling for "the best we can get under the circumstances".  

We three candidates in the race now who would make wonderful presidents, Cain, Bachmann or Santorum.  Let's focus on one of them and let the MSM worry about how the New York Times is going to handle the transition from "America's Paper of Record" to a weekly shopper.