Friday, October 07, 2011

Steve Jobs - ART (Assumes Room Temperature)

By now you have heard about Apple's Steve Jobs assuming room temperature.  Many have waxed rhapsodic about what a good businessman Mr. Jobs was and about how uber-cool his products are.  All very true.

Jobs was a very smart and inventive man and he was a master marketer.

However Jobs was also a left-liberal who used his wealth and the power of his reputation to promote the very policies which place an obstacle in the path of anyone trying to replicate Apple's success.  Which, I suspect, is at the heart of most limousine liberals liberalism.  The desire to keep the super rich people's club as exclusive as possible.

When you strip away all the hype what Jobs did was give us really cool toys to distract us from the fact that he was trying to deprive us of our liberty and prosperity (strange isn't it how the public policies he advocated would have drastically shrunk the pool of potential customers who could have afforded his products).

At the end of the day Jobs was either a very stupid man in all areas other than his particular field of expertise or he was a profoundly evil man for promoting political ideas which would have done, and are doing, great harm to his nation.

Either way I will neither miss him nor morn him.