Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Top 10 List

Since Firearms and politics are some of the things that this blog is about here is a list of 10 firearms related things that you can say to make a liberal involuntarily void his bowels.

10. Of course I'm carrying a gun, I'm always armed.

9. Yes its cocked, but the safety is on. Hell, Browning's original design didn't even have a safety!

8. I'm taking a few days off so I can take the kids hunting.

7. I've tried to get my wife to carry an automatic, but she insists on a revolver.

6. No, this isn't beef its venison. I shot it last fall. Bet you couldn't tell the difference, could you?

5. I met my wife in a concealed carry class.

4. I got into youth ministry when I volunteered to teach firearm's safety and marksmanship at my church's youth camp.

3. Have you seen how much ammunition costs nowadays? I can only afford to shoot once a week!

2. Let me take you to this indoor range, they have a couple of machine guns that they rent out.

1. My daughter is getting her first gun this Christmas.

Feel free to add your own suggestions.

Monday's Surface

Last week we left Opie in the water near the power plant being attacked by little nimrods. Jethro (who is insane) and Girl Genius were at the bottom of the ocean in their home-made diving bell, which was slowly flooding and without power. BTY, they were at the bottom of the sea because Jethro (who is insane) physically prevented Girl Genius from activating the flotation device which would have taken them to the surface. Jethro (who is insane) did this because his dead brother wanted them on the ocean floor amid the spawning sea monsters (but he did promise that they would be OK).

This week Opie is back home with bloody wounds on his legs and Nimrod is hiding in his closet. He collapses at school and is taken to the hospital with a 108 degree fever (in real life a fever that high pretty much guarantees brain damage). Opie's sister and his friend (you know the one who kind of looks like Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High) catch Nimrod and take him to the hospital so the cute woman doctor can figure out what it is about his bite that is making Opie's body cook itself from the inside. Also at the hospital is a marine biologist from the aquarium where Opie is doing his community service. This marine biologist is tracking the trail of bodies left by Nimrod and his family and friends as they make their presence known in the world of Man. Nimrod escapes from the pet carrier and makes his way to Opie's room, where he uses his sea monster healing powers to cure him. Then a cop shoots Nimrod with his Beretta.

Meanwhile in the middle of the Pacific Ocean Girl Genius has managed to get Jethro (who is insane) to stop talking to his dead brother long enough to help her get the diving bell to the surface. They are in the rubber raft in a thunder storm wondering where Girl Genius's friend' s boat is (not knowing that he has been killed by the adult nimrods). They deal with man eating sharks and a pin hole leak in the raft and hypothermia before getting rescued by a navy helo. Also, Girl Genius eats some seaweed.

The very last thing we see is the marine biologist is taking Nimrod's body out of the refrigerator to perform a necropsy (that is an autopsy for a dead animal). He has picked up a scalpel and is about to make his first incision when the screen fades to black and starts rolling credits. The question is, will Nimrod come back to life and electrocute the biologist? It has been established that the creatures have blood which can heal. The biggest reason to think that Nimrod will spring back to life is that in a 20 episode season this was only the tenth episode. The death of Nimrod would mean that there was no reason for Opie to get any more camera time and he is one of the stars. Another question is who is that old dude in the greenhouse. You know the one that the DOD spook takes his order from. His face is always covered when he is on camera which implies that the audience would know him if it saw him. But who would the audience recognize in the context of this show? One friend of mine suggested that it might be DICK CHENEY.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Wal-Mart in NRO

Over at National Review Online Byron York has an article that supplies some perspective on the Wal-Mart bashing that has become the favorite sport of left wingers these days. Wal-Mart is not perfect. I'm not happy with the decision that they made to stop selling handguns and handgun ammunition. I'm not happy with their efforts to purge any mention of Christmas out of the Christmas Season. But nothing made by the hand of man is perfect and, on balance, Wal-Mart does a great deal more good than harm in the world.

After all, no one is forced to work there or shop there.

City Journal

I've added a link to City Journal at the left. The new issue has been out for several days and I haven't had a chance to open mine yet. I'll get to it tomorrow and post some comments and link to some of the better articles. Of course pretty much every word in every issue is worth reading. If you want to read what is probably the world's best magazine go over to their site and subscribe. It isn't that expensive.

Surface Picked Up

According to Entertainment Weekley the NBC show Surface had been picked up for a full season. We can continue to follow the adventures of Girl Genius, Jethro and Opie as they cope with the emergence of an aggressive, not to mention deadly, new species of sea life. A new species which is being described as the "new top of the food chain". For those of you in Nebo (that's like Rio Linda for those of you not from WNC) humans are currently at the top of the food chain.

Heinlein at 100

Robert A Heinlein is probably the greatest science fiction writer ever to live. The hundredth anniversary of his birth is coming up on 7 July, 2007. An outfit called Heinlein Centennial, Inc. is hosting a celebration that weekend in Kansas City.

Here's what they say about it:

. . . the Heinlein Centennial is a gathering of fans, readers, scholars and other interested persons in Kansas City on the Centennial weekend of July 7th, 2007. Besides holding a massive, multi-faceted celebration, conference and exposition for a wide variety of attendees, we hope to make a big enough noise about this Heinlein fellow to make his name, and interest in his achievements, echo around the world
If the Calhoon family budget allows I'll be there. It was reading RAH that gave me my love of reading and is largely responsible for putting me where I am today (not tooting my own horn, but the Calhoon trailer is the nicest single-wide in the park).

If you're at all interested in honoring one of the greatest authors the US has ever produced run over to their website and check it out.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

More Crap From PETA

The pathetic hypocrites at PETA have a new comic. This time its mommy who kills animals. You can get the truth about PETA here and here.

Red Alert!

We are not alone?

A former Canadian Minister of Defense believes that not only is the Earth being visited by aliens, but that Bush (or should that be Chimpy Von Hitlerburtenstein) is about to start a war with them.

Mr. Hellyer, Stargate SG-1 is a drama, not a documentary!

We have a winner

The "find a nickname for Miles" contest is over. From this point forward he will be known as "Opie".

Pajamas Media

For those of you following the Tulip Advertising/Pajama Media/Pajamas Media/Open Source Media/Pajamas Media debacle Hog On Ice and moxie are doing a fine job of supplying the needed mockery. However, for a good history of the whole project you need to read the account provided by Dennis the Peasant(link at left). He covers how it began and how and why it went so badly off course and why it is destined to crater in like the Tunguska Meteor.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Latest David Weber novel

I just finished At All Costs, the latest Honor Harrington book from David Weber. Here's my prediction for where the series is heading. The Republic and the Star Kingdom and its allies find out that Manpower has manipulated them into war and they are seriously pissed. This leads them to bury the hatchet and declare war on Mesa. This brings the Manticore/Haven alliance into conflict with the Soliarian League. In the short war which follows the League has its nose ground into the fact that its tech isn't the best in the galaxy anymore. This also causes the Sollie public to wake up and realize what has happened to their government.


Here's a contest for fans of the NBC show Surface. Come up with a nickname for Miles (the kid who's raising the infant sea monster). Laura the oceanographer is Girl Genius. Her obsessive/compulsive science geek attitude just reminds me of Agatha Clay. Rich the insurance salesman whose brother was killed by one of the new sea creatures is obviously Jethro Bodine.

This leaves Miles. The character is so Pathetically bland that nothing jumps out as a good nickname. I suppose that I could go with nerd boy, but that is what Bun Bun calls Torg and Torg has too much personality to be linked to Miles.

So help me out. What do we call Miles?

Indoor Range Tomorrow

Heading to the range tomorrow to finish breaking in my Browning Hi-Power. Then its off to Cylinder and Slide for an action job and a set of good sights. I think that I'll take my Glock 23 along for the ride. I strongly dislike the way the Glocks feel in the hand so I'm thinking that the '23 is going to C&S for their grip reduction. That's a project for next year. I'll post a review and pictures when I get it back.