Friday, April 23, 2010

Another shot at Sarah

I also ran across this:

On Tuesday night, CNN's Larry King had comedian Sarah Silverman on his program and, towards the end of the show, Silverman made a crack about whether Sarah Palin should pose for Playboy. Silverman said "I think she should go for it" and King responded, "Agreed."

As might be expected, the comment has irked some.

Lulu Flores, president of the National Women's Political Caucus, told POLITICO that King's comments were, “waaaaayyy inappropriate.”

Referring to King's recent divorce filings to end his 8th marriage, Laura Ingraham said, "Larry, when you're in a hole, stop digging."

"Larry should pose for 'Viagra Monthly'," said Ann Coulter.

Since this is going to be kicked around on talk radio all day I figured I'd have a go at it first.

First of all I was somewhat shocked that the president of the "national Women's Political Caucus" would speak out in defense of Sarah Palin. Then I thought that it might be an organization for conservative women but a check of their website shows that they are truly bipartisan, having members ranging from Michelle Bachmann all the way to Sheila Jackson Lee.

In other words they are doing what the National Organization of Women only pretends to do - support the aspirations of ALL women.

As for the comments themselves. . . so what?

Silverman is a comedienne and a liberal and in the bubble universe occupied by left-wing Hollywood personalities there is no safer target than Sarah Palin. As the one person on the right that the left senses has the most potential to become the next Ronald Reagan Palin terrifies "progressives" with IQ's in the high double to triple digits to the point of losing control of their bowels and bladders.

This fact is sensed (if not well understood) by "progressives" with IQ's in the low double to single digits - folks like David Letterman and Sarah Silverman - who dimly realize that they can elevate themselves and generate buzz among "people who matter" (defined either as people who can get them work or people whom they wish to sleep with) by taking shots at the great bogeyman who gives their leftie friends who went to school on the long bus night sweats.

As for the unfortunate Larry King, whose Alzheimer's Disease is not so fully progressed that he can't have a moment of near lucidity once in a while, we have to make some allowances. In those days when he was possessed of his full mental faculties, such as they were, he would have most likely had the sense to stay away from such a remark. Now that it's all he can do to show up for work with his Depends on under his trousers we do need to cut him some slack.

It isn't like his falling ratings are going to let CNN justify keeping him on the air for much longer anyway.

Feds surf for pron on the public dime

I saw this on the Drudge Report and the shock was enough to send me back to blogging:


In this terrible recession when so many Americans are out of work and in fear for the future I do not think it is too much to ask that our government employees - whose pay and benefits are taken from the pcokets of the nation's taxpayers - do the jobs we pay them to do and not sit around on their backsides surfing pron.

Now I'm no purde. I sometimes use the 'net to look for pron, but I do it on my own computer - in my own home - on my own time!

And I think we should expect our "pbulic servants" to do the same!