Thursday, June 21, 2007

More lies from the pro-amnesty crowd

Clarice Feldman calls this bit of news to our attention:

Mickey Kaus has been watching the Immigration Bill closer than anyone and points out this McCain double talk (which, I'm sorry to say is fairly representative of the stuff the proponents of the Bill are doing).

The Fake Talk Express Rolls On: Remember Sen. John McCain's shock upon learning that the provision requiring illegal immigrants to pay "back taxes" had been dropped from the Senate bill? McCain professed surprise at this development, and introduced an amendment, which was adopted, that purported to stick the requirement back in. It now turns out that McCain's restore-back-taxes amendment was itself a fraud. Mark Krikorian reports:

Take look at Loophole 18 in Sen. Sessions' list ; it turns out that McCain's amendment only requires that those legalized illegals applying to trade up to regular, permanent immigrant status (a green card) show they've paid taxes on income earned after they were amnestied, i.e., while they had probationary status and then the Z visa. There's no back taxes requirement to get the Z visa and obviously none for the initial phase of the amnesty, which has to be granted by the end of the next business day after applying for it. In other words, there is no requirement that illegal aliens pay back taxes to receive amnesty. [E.A.]

Meanwhile, McCain has returned to telling voters that under the bill illegals would have to "pay back taxes."** ... Again, the larger point is you can't rely on anything the Grand Bargainers say. They're in full fool-the-yahoos mode. Why shouldn't voters expect that they would carry out the difficult enforcement mandates in their bill, if it passes, in the same disingenuous spirit? You can't trust them! [You're writing as badly as Andrew Sullivan--ed I know! I'm excited!]

I was talking this evening with as friend who is only a year younger than I am and we both agreed that in our entire lives we have never seen the US government work so hard to pass legislation which such a large majority of the American people actively oppose.

This is literally starting to look like an episode of the old Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone TV show.

Look at what is happening. Everything John McCain has been doing for the past 10 years speaks of a man with one overriding ambition - to become President of the United States. Yet his single-minded support for this immigration bill has completely destroyed any possibility that he will get the Republican nomination. It is even doubtful that he can even be reelected to his Senate seat at this point. Yet he continues on becoming ever more determined to force this travesty down the American people's throat.

Both Congress and the President are seeing their job approval rating heading toward the single digits and they still continue on possessed with a burning and totally irrational desire to legalize over 12 million alien criminals and flood the country with tens of millions more.

I really am beginning to suspect some kind of Manchurian Candidate Red Chinese mind control is at work.