Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Season of the traitor

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate resurrected the immigration bill that could legalize millions of unlawful immigrants Tuesday, but the delicate compromise faces the same threats that derailed it earlier this month.

The White House and Republican and Democratic architects of the bill hailed the crucial test vote that revived the legislation, and they predicted approval of the measure by week's end.

Today the United States Senate flipped off the American people in what has to be the most brazen example of a democratically elected government* telling its citizens to go frak themselves that I have seen in my lifetime.

Our esteemed senators [sarcasm] told the people who put them in office to sit down and shut up that they knew better than we what was good for us. As far as they are concerned we should just pay our taxes and do what we're told.

The battle moves to the House of Representatives now and the forces of treason will have a more difficult time there. But do not let that encourage you to slack off. We must keep the pressure up on our House members from now until they vote to kill this abomination.

And when the senators are up for reelection we must mount primary challenges to take them out and if they win nomination we must be willing to vote for their opponents, even if that means putting someone in who will be worse in every other respect. We must do this because this kind of disregard for the will of the electorate must not go unpunished. If it does our democratic form of government will not survive.

*The only thing that comes close is the French president saying that the French voters rejection of the EU Constitution in a referendum meant not that France had rejected the Constitution but only the French people had rejected it.