Thursday, July 05, 2007

Now to make the traitors pay

For those who wish a quick reference guide to how the various Senators voted on the amnesty bill here is a link to a CSPAN website with the information.

A "Yea" vote was a vote to invoke cloture and cut off debate on the bill. This would have cause it to go to a straight up or down vote which would have only needed a simple majority to pass. This was seen as the bill's only chance at passage.

A "Nay" vote was a vote to continue debate and allow additional amendments to be added to the bill. This was seen as highly detrimental to the bill's passage due to the extreme fragility of the coalition which was supporting the legislation.

Because the cloture vote could not even get a simple majority it is likely that the bill was doomed in any case. The 78% of the American public who did not want the legislation to pass was an obstacle the bill's supporters could not overcome.

Still it is frightening to see how close they came.

If the American people wish to preserve the democratic form of government it is very important that they send a message to all politicians that ignoring the clearly and stridently expressed will of the people in such a fashion is unacceptable. All Senators who voted "Yea" on the cloture vote should be defeated in their next campaign for reelection.

Their own parties should refuse to support them. A qualified candidate should be found to oppose them in their party's primary and if that fails then members of their party should vote for the other party's candidate (if only for than one time in their entire life).

Our government is a Republic with democratically chosen leaders. The purpose of this form of government is to secure the blessings of liberty for the American people. If the leaders learn that they can disregard the wishes of the people then our free elections become nothing more than the ability to choose which tyrant will oppress us for the next legislative term.

Hat Tip for the list to The Pagan Temple