Thursday, July 05, 2007

A question for the readers

I have a question for anyone out there who is savvy about the laws in the US and Canada. There are any number of successful businesses in Canada who face the same difficulties of attracting and retaining high quality employees as firms in the US do. Has any Canadian firm thought of offering their employees a medical insurance policy which would cover their treatment in the US?

Anyone who thinks the Canadian government run health care system does a good job should pop over to and watch some of the videos. The truth is that there is a growth industry in America of doctor's offices, clinics and private hospitals being built near the Canadian border to service Canadians who do not wish to wait for needed procedures and have the resources to pay for their own care (there are more MRI machines in the American city of Philadelphia than there are in the entire nation of Canada and the list of people who die while on the waiting list for treatment in Canada is only going to get longer).

It occurs to me that offering a health care package to employees that would cover health care in America would be very popular for Canadian workers. Since the vast majority of Canadians live within fairly easy driving distance of the US border anyway it would be something that the majority of Canadians could take advantage of.

The question is would this be legal under both American and Canadian law?