Friday, October 17, 2008

Tonight's Music

Now for something completely different. Here is the other kind of music that I like:

This is Shriekback performing Nemesis. Come on, how many of you thought you would ever hear the word parthenogenesis used in a song?

Here is a video that someone put together around Shriekback's Underwaterboys. I like it because like Fata Morgana I like the sound of explosions. You know some people need nothing else.

Here are some other Shriekback classics. This one is The Fish Below the Ice.

This is This Big Hush, which was featured in the movie Manhunter (the first movie based on Thomas Harris's novel The Red Dragon). This movie had several Shriekback numbers in it. The producer, Michael Mann (of Miami Vice fame) had a talent for mating his visual images with just the right piece of music to convey the mood of the moment.