Friday, December 16, 2005

But do they eat pudding?

Brokeback Mountain is a western/love story set in 1961 Wyoming about two homosexual cowboys who fall in love. The movie spans 20 years and deals with the difficulties, including violence, that the lovers face. I have not seen this movie and I have no plans to. It might be a very good movie, well written and acted, but it just isn't my kind of flick. It is, in fact, a chick flick - only without a chick. This is why it will not be a commercial success.

Sure it opened well, making more money per screen at its debut than any other indie in history, but this is because it opened on only five screens three in New York City and one each in Los Angles and San Francisco (all three homosexual meccas - why didn't they also show it at the Fine Arts here in Asheville). It has now gone into wider release (69 screens) and some think it could make it into genuine hit status.

This aint going to happen. Think about it. The only parents who are going to take their kids to see this thing are Heather's two mommies. It will not be a date movie because guys only take their girlfriends/wives to chick flicks because they either get nagged into it or because they are hoping to get laid later that night. Guys are not going go to a movie about two other men who sleep together as a prelude to sex and women are not going to fight with their dates to see a love story that doesn't have a character that they can identify with. Guys will not go with other guys the way they do with action/adventure or porn and and girls wont go with other girls because, again, there's nobody that they can really identify with.

Also straight women are almost as turned off by the sight of two men making out as straight men are. It may be a well done movie, in fact is probably is, but it just doesn't have real appeal to anybody out of the homosexual community.