Monday, December 19, 2005

Hello Langley

I notice from Sitemeter that one of my readers is logging on from Langley. If you are sitting at a computer at CIA headquarters then you are most likely an intelligence analyst tasked with going through the mass of data obtained from electronic or human resources around the world. You could be trying to pinpoint the location of Osama Bin Ladden or looking at a doctor's report on Castro's health and trying to estimate the number of years/months the old murderer has to go before his appointment with Satan's toaster oven.

Or at least that is what you should be doing. Instead you are reading my flipping blog! Is there anything about soft-core lesbian porn or gay cowboys eating pudding or Surface or Mardi Gras that is more important than protecting our nation from its enemies? I don't think so! Have you forgotten about CHINA?!? They're there and they want to destroy us and you're reading about Serenity coming to DVD?


Unless you're one of the left-wing wack jobs who is leaking information designed to damage the Bush administration and cause us to lose the war. In that case hang around and I'll post something about Mexican donkey shows or midget porn.