Friday, May 05, 2006

Joining the Ecosystem

The Hillbilly Ecosystem is growing well of late. I keep getting emails and comments asking, "how can I join". I keep typing the same instructions over and over again. This gets old so I'm going to post them here and past this into the original Ecosystem post and link it to the graphics post.

To Join the Hillbilly Ecosystem do the following:

1. Go here and look over the graphics.

Pick out an Ecosystem button, the roadsign, outhouse, Hound or Mt. Dew. Then pick out a level button (moonshiner, saloon keeper and so on).

2. Upload the buttons onto your blog.

3. Put them on your sidebar and hotlink them back to the original Ecosystem post which is here:

4. Then take the Ecosystem blogroll code:

[script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="">
Put the blogroll code under the Ecosystem buttons and then and only then.

5. Send me an email telling me that you want to join the Ecosystem and that you've done the above. I'll pop over to your site and check you out. If you have the buttons and code installed and you aren't a moonbat or neo-nazi I'll add you to the blogroll and put up a post about how great it is to have you in the family.

If you have questions email me and I'll try to answer.