Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Reading the handwriting on the wall

From The Washington Post:

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Kuwait rarely rebuffs its ally, the United States, partly out of gratitude for the 1991 Persian Gulf War. But in October it reneged on a pledge to send three military observers to an American-led naval exercise in the Gulf, according to U.S. officials and Kuwaiti analysts.

"We understood," a State Department official said. "The Kuwaitis were being careful not to antagonize the Iranians."

Four years after the United States invaded Iraq, in part to transform the Middle East, Iran is ascendant, many in the region view the Americans in retreat, and Arab countries, their own feelings of weakness accentuated, are awash in sharpening sectarian currents that many blame the United States for exacerbating.

Arabs are not complete fools. They can look at the situation and form a reasonable conclusion based upon what they see. Soon after we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, with a population and political establishment which seemed, at that time, to be united behind a resolute president, Libya's dictator, Muammar al-Gaddafi, very publicly gave up his nuclear aspirations. He looked at the situation on the ground and made the decision that he didn't want to be America's next target in their "let's keep Islamofascist nutjobs from getting the bomb" crusade.

But now the situation has changed. It didn't take the Democrat Party (otherwise known as the Cut, Run and Surrender party, the Party of Treason or the Hate-America Party) and its Ministry of Propaganda and Enlightenment (otherwise known as the mainstream media) long to jump off the "let's defeat America's enemies" bandwagon and begin a literally 24/7 attack on the president and the war.

The American people who are not, for the most part, stupid simply do not pay much attention to politics or political issues. More than half the electorate still get their news from a broadcast network's nightly news program or from a daily newspaper. All of the network news broadcasts, almost of all of the daily newspapers and all of the cable news outlets except for FOX News are slanted far leftward. Even the daily newspapers which are conservative in their editorial outlook use the left-wing wire services which slant their reporting in an anti-American direction.

With the majority of the public not paying attention* and getting what little news they get from sources which have taken the decision to help the enemy to defeat the United States public opinion almost had to turn against the president and the war. Arab leaders look at the situation and form a reasonable conclusion. They know that when the American Democrat Party succeeds in doing what the terrorists could never hope to accomplish, drive the United States military off the field of battle and send them fleeing home in humiliation, that Iran, Syria and al Qaeda will own the Middle East and they are preparing to make obeisance to them.

All of you centerist "Reagan Democrats" and Republicans who stayed at home on election day because you were upset about earmarks and Abramoff and thought the Republicans needed to be "taught a lesson". Are you proud of yourselves?

When al Qeada's stock rises 100,000% because of their success in driving the "Great Satan" out of Iraq the same why they forced the Soviet Union out of Afghanastan and we have to stop taking our kids to see Santa at the mall because it is too tempting a target for suidcide bombers will you look upon your handiwork and feel the pride of a job well done?

*The part of the public which pays attention to politics every day tends to cluster around talk radio and the Internet. This is why the blogosphere and talk radio are dominated by conservatives. People who are actually paying attention almost have to be conservative.