Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Carnival of Homeschooling

One of the bright spots out there which gives us hope for the future of the United States is the home schooling movement. By opting out of the state indoctrination centers homeschooling parents are not only giving their children a real education they are sparing them from the multicultural mind poison which has fatally infected Europe and established a beachhead in the US.

I don't blog about homeschooling as much as I should because homeschooling isn't in the news nearly as much as it was back when the movement first began in earnest back in the 1980s. By now the first generation of homeschooled children have graduated from college (where they performed well above average) and entered the workforce, where they are thriving.

For the most part the legal battles over homeschooling are over, for now. But I fully expect that to change in the near future. As the entrenched education establishment assimilates the fact that colleges are now competing with each other for homeschooled students and employers are viewing a homeschool education as a major asset on an applicant's resume they will not be able to escape the sound of beating wings from the approaching Angel of Death.

They will fight back, of course, and they will have the enthusiastic help of the Democrat Party. Why will the Democrats help in the effort to destroy homeschooling? Because their survival is tied to the perpetuation of a two tiered society consisting of a minimally educated underclass which will be ruled over by a paternalistic master class educated at elite universities.

Homeschooling upsets the left's necessary order by creating a population educated outside of the ruling elites' approved world view. If the trend toward homeschooling continues it will not be many years before a generation arises in which the majority of young voters are independent minded, self sufficient and grounded in the moral values which grow from sincere religious faith.

The kind of people who can easily find a job because they have been taught mathematics, and good communication skills and so will never need welfare. The kind of people who are easy for an employer to train because they have been taught how to learn. The kind of people who have been taught enough about economics to recognize that the Social Security system is an unsustainable Ponzi scheme and so accept the responsibility to plan for their own retirement. The kind of people who know that no nation ever taxed itself into prosperity and that appeasing tyrants only gets you more tyranny. The kind of people who own firearms and so will not cower before crime and beg the government to take more power onto itself (and away from them) to protect the people.

In other words the kind of people who would cut their hand off before punching a chad for a Democrat.

The high priests of the death-cult of modern left liberalism will not go quietly into that good night of oblivion without putting up one hell of a fight and one major battlefield in the culture war is the home school.

To the end of aiding the side of light by helping educate the good guys I recommend to you the Carnival of Homeschooling. Check it out and familiarize yourself with the movement and the issues which are confronting it today.