Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Knowing the left

SandaK posted this on her blog Knowledge is Power:

I’m asking your patience with the blog suck lately but I have had to remove myself here and there lest I allow the collective left slurp out the last remnants of my humanity.

What has been going on with regard to the attempted decimation of Governor Sarah Palin and her family and the justification and defense of it by those on the left has had me teetering on the edge. It keeps escalating with such speed and severity that I’m unable to wrap my brain around it...let alone know what to do about it.
Today with the hacking of and broadcast of her e-mail account and the complete disregard and violation of her/their basic rights and the justification and defense of it........ I came thiscloseto wishing upon them an agonizing death in a fiery auto crash and I just can’t allow myself to sink that low.
The left knows no boundaries and I truly fear how this could possibly get any worse.........

My advice to Sandra is to stop thinking of hatred for the left as "sinking low" and start considering it to be "stepping up".

There is simply no decent moral response to the left that a thinking person can have except pure hatred.

The left is a giant death-cult which is not just anti American but anti life itself. If there is anything evil in the world then there will be some component of the left ready and eager to step forward and defend it.

The left supported and defended the Soviet Union even while it, as an act of deliberate government policy, created a famine which starved millions to death and sent millions more to slave labor camps.

The left's flagship organization, the ACLU, is on record supporting the right of child molesters to distribute child pornography.

The cream of the left's celebrity elite will turn out for events dedicated to the goal of releasing a convicted cop-killer from prison.

The left created the current economic troubles by creating giant quasi-governmental institutions (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) to grant loans to people who could not afford to repay them and, not satisfied, they arm-twisted private sector lenders to do the same. This attempt to distort the free market for political goals was the original sin which opened Pandora's box and led inevitably to all the other abuses which followed and have done such damage. And now, like the filthy punch line to an obscene joke, they are attempting to blame Republicans for the mess they have made.

The left cannot advance if the nation is prosperous, united and content. They must have misery, division and poverty in order to promote themselves and their phony "solutions". To this end the left has ruined and immiserated the black population of this nation.

One of the greatest problems plaguing black communities is crime so the left is soft on crime. The best way to escape poverty is through getting a good education so the left destroys the public schools and then fights to the death to prevent any mechanism to grant black parents school choice. One of the greatest hindrances to advancement in a society is the inability to speak the dominant language in a clear and competent manner so the left promoted "ebonics" and calls anyone who prefers to hire an employee who does not speak like ghetto trash a racist.

One of the best ways to mire people into poverty for multiple generations is to promote single parent families so the left destroys traditional sexual morals and creates a welfare state which turns unwed motherhood into a job description - a job with plenty of benefits like housing, medical care, food subsidies and some spending money thrown in for good measure. And all a woman has to do the increase the benefits is have another illegitimate child.

In fact the clearest indicator of what the left has planned for all of us can be seen by simply taking a stroll through a blighted inner-city neighborhood. Watts, Compton or the South Side of Chicago are what the left has planned for all of us. Their great dream is to be part of a small elite class which will rule in perpetuity over a great mass of ignorant and utterly dependant proles.

The left is not content with simply legalizing abortion on demand. To be truly fulfilled the left must invent ever more gruesome and monstrous ways to perform abortions. And if the abortionist hired killer screws up and the child is born alive the left's presidential candidate does not even want the child (which is now alive and living outside the womb and independent of the mother) to have the benefit of medical care. He would prefer that it be thrown in the garbage and left to die.

What utterly despicable, wretched, vile and detestable people these leftist are.

As for the left doing things like stealing Governor Palin's E-mail and publishing it on the web I welcome such things because in doing them the left holds up a giant neon sign telling the whole world exactly what kind of people they are (they also represent actionable crimes which can result in the leftists being sent to prison where they will meet large tatooed men who are lonely and just need love).