Thursday, May 20, 2010

The GOP's greatest asset

Everybody knows that Vice President Joe Biden is a pathetic halfwit. But sometimes it takes a pathetic halfwit to tell the truth. In an interview with CBS anchorwoman Katie Couric old Joe let this slip:

COURIC: Is our government broken, sir?

BIDEN: No, Katie. The country’s in bad shape, yes, but the federal government hasn’t been this hale and hearty since I became a senator in ’73.

Can it be said any plainer than that?

The "health" of the federal government and the rest of the nation are inversely proportional. If the government is doing well the rest of us are bound to be doing poorly. If, on the other hand, the nation's people are doing well the government must be suffering loss.

In 2008 we elected people who think that a "hale and hearty" government at the cost of a ruined and impoverished nation is a fine bargain.

This November we have the opportunity to begin returning power to those who would reverse that.