Sunday, December 05, 2010

That terrible lost Senate seat

Misha has a post up that's just too good not to spread around:

We are getting quite a bit more than just “weary” of listening to Establishment GOP “Pragmatists” whining about O’Donnell and how she “cost us” a Senate seat by letting the primary voters decide who their nominee should be rather than leaving it to the Establishment as they did with ScuzzyFlavah. And what a roaring success that turned out to be, we might add.

But never you mind, you silly peasants who believe that voters should choose their candidates, ousting that outstanding “centrist” Castle meant that we wouldn’t have an “R” in that seat, his actual positions be damned.

He is a forty year career politician who happens to call himself a Republican, as once did Charlie Crist, Arlen Specter and Jim Jeffords. Mr. Castle is a habitual tax raiser. He is unwaveringly pro abortion and he has earned an F- rating from The NRA. He voted for TARP, Porkulus, the auto and banking industry takeovers, Cash for Clunkers as well as Cap and Trade. Most recently, he co-sponsored the disclose act which is nothing more than an assault on the first amendment designed to muzzle his political opposition.

While on the topic of opposition; Mr. Castle has made it clear that were he elected senator, regardless of his political affiliation, he has no intention of opposing current Democrat policies.

What a tremendous loss to the cause of conservatism. How we missed out on never-ending repeats of having to pander to his every whim in order to at least get him to vote with his (allegedly) own party.

We weep, weep we tell you for the future of conservatism now that we have been cruelly robbed of having to tongue-bathe that cretin every time something was up for a vote in the Senate!

Which leads us to the bonus feature of this post. It’s so deceptively simple that we can only feel ashamed that we didn’t see it before. It was right there in front of our bloody eyes!

The solution to Ogabe’s woes is right there. All he needs to do in order to avoid being a lame duck for the next two years and even give him a decent shot at re-election in 2012 is to, wait for it, switch parties!

As soon as the “pragmatists” of the GOP see that “R” after his name, all of his previous actions as well as all of his future proposals with get the full backing and endorsement of the “pragmatist” wing.

He’ll be, nominally, a Republican, and that’s all that matters to those spineless milquetoasts.

There is not enough daylight between Ogabe and Mike Castle’s agenda to register on a thermal sight, yet they’re all tearing their hair out over the horror, the HORROR of the Delaware primary voters ignoring that magnificent “R” after his name. Principles and agendas be damned. To the Rove wing of the GOP, all that matters is party affiliation and whether you can plop a fake “R” in a seat.

If Josef Stalin was still around and chose to run as a “Republican”, they’d have a lip lock on his butt so tight it would take surgery to detach them.


I coundn't agree more.  The GOP needs to wake up fast to the fact that our own party establishment RINO leadership is our enemy just as much as the Democrats.