Friday, February 11, 2011

Ron Paul is an ass-clown

Remember how many comments I would get when I posted anything about Ron Paul's ass-clowness.  His pod people followers would swarm all over the comments with confident assertions that Mr. Paul would be the next president.

And you all thought it was B. Hussein Obama who invented brainless zombie followers.

I remember one Paul pod-boy who would write to tell me how he had just made a new donation to Paul's campaign every time I posted about him.

I would have like to have been there when that guy's dad got the Visa bill.

I bring all this up because Mr. Paul is apparently planning another run for the White House and if events at CPAC are any indication Paul's legions of young followers are undiminished in either their enthusiasm or their obnoxiousness.

So I guess we have this campaign season's comedy relief lined up for the GOP side (Mr. Obama himself will serve that function on the Democrat side).

Expect hijinks.