Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And this is why they kicked you out

Via Network Indiana:

Republican Senator Dick Lugar says he will not actively campaign for Richard Mourdock, who beat Lugar in the GOP Primary earlier this month. Mourdock is running against Democratic candidate Joe Donnelly for the U.S. Senate seat Lugar has held for 36 years.

Lugar says he want to see a Republican majority in the Senate but that he dislikes changes in the Republican Party that Mourdock’s primary election win represents.

“A large portion of the Republican Party of Indiana believed apparently in the idea of individualism as opposed to community, a sense of compromise or a sense of talking across the aisle,” Lugar said.
Lugar says while he is not going to campaign for Mourdock, he has offered advice to his former opponent on ways he can be an effective senator.

This is par for the course for these RINO's.   They lose a primary and get bitter then start lashing out.  Of course he won't campaign for Mourdock, but at least he isn't endorsing the Democrat or starting a write-in campaign.  Both of which we've seen happen.

Oh, and we also have to acknowledge that he didn't see the writing on the wall and switch parties, which we've also seen happen.

As for his "advice" to Mr. Mourdock, he can keep it.  We don't need more "reach across the isle and compromise" nonsense.  What, exactly, are we supposed to compromise with the left on?

We have compromised ourselves into debt so enormous that it stands an excellent chance of collapsing the entire economy and starting a global depression.  And that's just the debt we own up to.

If we had to count our unfunded liabilities - like any private business in America - and factor in the future costs of Social Security and Medicare the debt crisis would appear ten times worse.

And the economy isn't the only issue.  The left has no intention of doing anything effective to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  What should our "compromise" position on that be? 

The left wants to pretend that the war on terror is over and go back to a 9/10/2001 mindset.  What should our "compromise" position on that be?

The left wants to continue dumping billions of dollars into various AGW boondoggles in support of a discredited theory.  What should our "compromise" position on that be?

The left wants to continue to squander billions of dollars on various "green energy" schemes which are nothing more than pipe dreams with no possibility of replacing fossil fuels in the lifetime of any person now living.  What should our "compromise" position on that be?

The left wants to continue to Balkanize Americans, dividing us by race, sex, net worth, sexual orientation, religion and any other division that will let them set one group against another in their strategy of using the corrosive poison of identity politics.  What should our "compromise" position on that be?

There was a time when Democrats and Republicans shared a common vision of America as a good and virtuous nation.  As the last best hope of freedom in the world.  As a "shining city on a hill".  Democrats and Republicans shared the goal of seeing America as a strong, free and prosperous nation.  They simply had some different ideas on the best way to achieve those goals.

Unfortunately the Democrat way was tried and failed.  The centralizing, regulating, nanny-state approach of the progressives have created a modern America in which nearly half the population depends upon some kind of government check for all or part of their sustenance.

If America endures any more "compromise" with the left we will wind up like Europe, but America's slide into the abyss will be far more likely to resemble Germany of 1934 than Greece of 2012.