Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bush Lied

In order for someone to lie they must say something which they know to be untrue. If Bush lied about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, that is if he said they were there when he knew for a fact that they weren't, the following must be true.

Bush must have had a source of intelligence about Iraq that the CIA and the DOD did not have.
Bush must have had a source of intelligence about Iraq that the intelligence services of France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and Israel did not have.
Bush must have had a source of intelligence about Iraq that Saddam Hussein's own top ranking generals did not have.

I call upon the Left to name, in detail, what this source of intelligence was. Did the president somehow personally manage recruit one of Saddam's sons to spy for him and then tell no one about it? How did he get the reports from this spy? Did the intelligence service of some other country like Liberia or perhaps Togo have a spy in Saddam's most inner circle and tell Bush about it in direct communications, bypassing diplomatic channels?

Perhaps the Left believes that Mr. Bush has psychic powers. A crystal ball perhaps, or does he stare into a bowl of water like Nostradamus? Or maybe he has a familiar spirit which appears to him in the form of a cat or small bird? Oh I know, he took Courtney Brown's mail order class in remote viewing.

The truth is that even Saddam's top generals thought that there was a stockpile of chemical weapons and were shocked when they failed to turn up after the war. One high ranking official in the Iraqi government has come forward to explain what happened. Just prior to the war there was a natural disaster in Syria. Saddam used relief efforts as a cover for moving his chemical weapons stockpile to Syria.

They existed and they still exist. To everyone on the Left and to far too many on the Right it is a settled fact that there were no Iraqi WMDs. This erroneous conventional wisdom may wind up giving Syria cover to give some of these chemical weapons to terrorists. Would it be possible for the Democrat Party (otherwise known as the Party of Treason) and its lapdog mainstream media to admit that the nerve gas which just killed 85000 people in the NYC subway came from Iraq by way of Syria when they have become totally invested in the idea that there was no Iraqi nerve gas to start with.

Since WMD in Syria could have only come from Iraq I suspect that the Democrat Party, the mainstream media, the CIA, the State Department, and parts of the DOD and DHS (all of which hate Bush and have attempted to undermine him in the past) would move heaven and earth to ensure that any investigation of where terrorists got WMD would point to anywhere except Syria.

Does Syria know this?


I added a link to a Powerline post about the movement of Saddam's WMD's to Syria.